Endowed Lectures

ABeam Consulting Endowed Lecture

Installation period

April 2017 - March 2025


Abeam Consulting

Abeam Consulting


Abeam Consulting, a comprehensive consulting firm from Japan with a network spanning 36 countries around the world, offers classes for entry-level students to experience the foundational aspects of business consulting. It conducts lectures on business consulting methods and uses individual work and group work based on these methods to enable students to implement consulting operations, promote student understanding of the methods and the essential aspects of consulting skills. Many of the lectures and practicums are handled by strategic consultants who are active in the field of corporate transformation within Abeam Consulting, a leading consulting firm. The themes not only relate to corporate management, but also cover a wide range of subjects, including the resolution of social issues (social innovation), and less specialized matters, such as sports and management.

[Eligible candidates]
Every year in the first semester, the course is offered to graduate and undergraduate students of Kyoto University as a hands-on consultation class.

[Name of lecture] ※ Lectures given in Japanese only
Business consulting practices

[Lecture summary]
1. Lecture summary and overview of consulting
2. Consulting methods (business model)
3. Consulting methods (corporate transformation)
4. Social innovation and corporate reform case studies (multiple)
5. Task presentations and group work