Endowed Chairs

Private Equity (Polaris Capital Group) Endowment

Installation period

April 1, 2020- March 31, 2026


 Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd.

Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd.


Among the significant progress that Private Equity business has made over recent years, the lecture aims to contribute to ensure global competitiveness of Japanese economy by studying financial functions from broad perspectives of Economics and Business Administration. Simultaneously, it also aims to accumulate material knowledge of Private Equity Business from financial aspects through the theoretical and systematic observation. Case studies have also been prepared, in addition to discovering the key roles of Private Equity business in terms of financial functions as well as outlining and featuring Private Equity business. We welcome board members of Polaris Capital Group as the lecturers, delivering a wide range of practical skills and knowledge to be required in future corporate finance and management areas, including strategic planning and executions of the measures to improve corporate value.

【Lecture List】
◎Venture Eco-system
◎Private Equity Fund and Corporate Value Improvement
◎Firms & Industrial Organization in Japan