Resilience Studies Endowed Chair

Installation period

October 1, 2023 ~ September 30, 2026


Keiei Kagaku Publishing Inc.<br />
Direct Publishing Inc.

Keiei Kagaku Publishing Inc.
Direct Publishing Inc.


Companies are currently facing a variety of risks, including pandemics, geopolitical conflict, global recessions, and natural disasters, such as earthquakes, storms and floods. Therefore, in order for each company to continue its business, it is essential to strengthen the resilience of individual companies as well as of the societies and organizations including each company, that is, cities, regions, industries, local governments, and national government. The importance of ensuring the resilience has been emphasized in recent years, but the management that enables business continuity even under the occurrence of various risks, that is, "resilience management" has not effectively been undertaken.

This endowed chair promotes interdisciplinary research on the resilience management to address various crises, and develop social education and awareness activities based on the results of the research. Through the research and activities, we aim to develop corporate managers capable of conducting the resilience management, as well as human resources capable of creating business environments, social conditions, public opinion, and political and administrative systems, which contribute to resilient corporate management. Thus, in this chair, we will conduct the practical research in the humanities and social sciences on what people perceive as crises and how to respond to them, the basic and practical research on business continuity planning assuming various crises on global economy and natural disasters, and the comprehensive research on corporate management and community management that enhances resilience.