Endowed Lectures

Public Relations

Installation period

April 1, 2014 - March 31, 2023


Japan Public Relations Institute

Japan Public Relations Institute


In this time of continuous and rapid globalization, there remains a high interest in and expectations for Japan, as an economic power. However, in this confusing social situation, Japan is in need of real leaders in all fields.

This seminar aims to develop the next generation of leaders who will be able to meet the rapid changing needs of this society. By learning Public Relations (PR), which utilizes methods of Two-way communication and Self-correction, one is able to more effectively achieve objectives such as improving relationship management. PR skills also make it possible to develop the knowledgeable human resources needed in the diversifying global society.

Furthermore, the results of this course will be used for case study materials, which will be published as e-texts to be managed by the Center for Research in Business Administration.