Executive Education

Senior Management Accounting Professional Program


As globalization progresses and the competitive environment changes rapidly, the importance of management ability centered on management accounting is increasing in small and medium enterprise (SME) management. However, it is not easy for SMEs with limited management resources to obtain high management accounting capabilities on their own, and it is considered desirable to utilize certified public accountants, tax accountants, and other outside experts for this purpose.
However, certified public accountants and public tax accountants do not have specialized training in management accounting and other methods of business management, and they each address these issues in their own way.

Therefore, this program aims to help professionals with practical experience, such as certified public accountants and tax accountants, to systematically acquire the business management knowledge necessary to support the management of SMEs and other enterprises and in so doing, to improve their practical skills.

[Program contents] ※ Lectures given in Japanese only
① Acquiring systematic knowledge
Given that students already possess expertise in accounting, auditing, and tax matters, we provide a curriculum in which they systematically learn the knowledge necessary to provide management advice as accounting experts. They will continue to acquire systematic knowledge based on both theory and case studies.

② Improving practical application capabilities
To improve students’ capabilities to apply the systematic knowledge they have acquired in practice, we provide consulting (consulting practicums) for real-world companies and local governments. In these contexts, students will be exposed to and learn the mindsets and practical expertise necessary for utilizing this type of knowledge in diverse workplaces.


Partner Companies/Organizations:
Management Support Group "ANSIN"
Consulting Methods Linkage Association
Japan Institute of Management Accounting Professionals
Nihon M&A Center Inc.
Japan Bright Intelligent Group Network
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd
MAPKA Co., Ltd.
YK Planning Inc.
Merger and Acquisition Association of Japan