Endowed Chairs

Road Asset Management Policy Chair

Installation period

April 1, 2022 - March 31, 2025


West Nippon Expressway Company Limited<br />
Hanshin Expressway Company Limited<br />
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West Nippon Expressway Company Limited
Hanshin Expressway Company Limited


Since much of our nation’s public facilities such as roads were established intensively during the high economic growth period, the deterioration of structures starting with roads and bridges have progressed rapidly, and it is projected that repairs or updates will increase in the future. For this reason, measures for reducing life cycle costs such as proactive conservation with planned inspections, diagnosis, repair and updates in the case of roads and bridges are being undertaken. However, in regard to social capital in general, the situation is far from being sufficient in terms of regional continuous management.

In these harsh conditions, it is essential that asset management methods that can be continued must be drafted in government policy making in order to ensure that the people can live safely and securely.

This program will aim to understand and evaluate the maintenance situation of existing roads. As a part of road management/policy making and in compliance with the asset management international standard ISO5500X that is currently being developed for enactment, the program will conduct research and education in the drafting and implementation of highly advanced, effective and efficient assent management measures.

In regard to the implementation of research and education, the program will cooperate with internal departments such as the school’s Visiting Chair for Urban/Regional Management and the Department of Engineering, government institutions such as the national and local governments, and other related research institutions in order to propose comprehensive management policies.