Endowed Chairs

Philosophical Entrepreneurship Studies

Installation period

April 2023- March 2025


JOHNAN Corporation,PEGASUS TECH  VENTURES, ,Asteria Corporation

JOHNAN Corporation,PEGASUS TECH VENTURES, ,Asteria Corporation


This endowed chair explores how the environment surrounding companies and entrepreneurs can be made better than it is now(“Betterment”) under the global capitalist system, which is beset with various problems. The emphasis on productivity in every scene exposes people to the reproduction of discrimination based on identity, category, and class, increasing economic disparity, and individualistic meritocracy.
By focusing on the "Philosophical Entrepreneur," this endowed chair will conduct practical research and education on how companies and individual entrepreneurs can behave ethically without turning away from such personal and social issues.
The qualities of the "Philosophical Entrepreneur," which is also the name of this endowed chair, are defined as follows:
1. The quality of trying to be ethical and "good" by continually questioning what it means to be productive and why it is/isn't necessary to be productive
2. The qualities that go back and forth between the logical and the physical, to meet the self in its physical dimension, and to look at life itself
3. Qualities that keep them involved in society in a performative way