Endowed Lectures

Sunsyu Paint Endowed Lecture

Installation period

April, 2018 - March, 2023 (Planned)


Sunsyu Inc

Sunsyu Inc


Japanese society is increasingly transitioning to a service economy, and the tendency to emphasize the service elements in management strategies is growing across all industries.
This lecture responds to the demands of an industrial society that seeks to advance management through service innovation by organizing ideas about hospitality, the spirit of omotenashi (Japanese-style hospitality), and credo management, and clarifying the ideal means of managing services.
Sansyu Paint has developed its "credo" and "spirit of omotenashi" as a driving force in the housing renovation industry.
The purpose of lectures is to develop human resources capable of designing superior service processes in concrete practice, as well as human resources capable of implementing superior service innovations based on management theory and practical knowledge cultivated through real-world management activities.
Lectures have a multifaceted structure and include discussion on theoretical backgrounds, group work on specific themes, and case studies provided by guest instructors.

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Service innovation and credo management