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It so happened that one of my former colleagues in a company run by my previous employer was a graduate of GSM. In private conversation with that person, I admitted that I wanted to work for a project to develop the Amakusa region in western Kumamoto, Kyushu. I was informed that Prof. K. Kobayashi of GSM, Kyoto Univ., was engaged in a community development project in Amakusa. I immediately decided to apply for GSM, aiming to get involved with Prof. Kobayashi’s activities. In my decision- making process, I never thought about other options such as other graduate schools. In those days, population decrease had become an increasingly alarming issue in Amakusa, where people were facing a serious decay of healthcare services in the local community. I earnestly hoped to make some contribution to resolving the problem, revitalising the local community. After joining GSM, I participated in a workshop in Year 2, visiting Amakusa, where, under Prof. Kobayashi’s guidance, I carried out a field survey, conducting hearings from medical institutes as well as elderly local citizens. Based on those interviews and fact-finding, I prepared and distributed a proposal to the local associations of pharmacists and care givers, who were taking care of the elderly, disabled and/or significantly ill. I became aware that, although I was in a senior management position in a business, I had not learned about management systematically. I realised that there was a gap in my knowledge and expertise, and became fully committed to learning the fundamentals of management at GSM.